Product Safety Guidance

Below are the safety information notices for some of our products

Candle Safety

  1. To prevent fire and serious injury always burn your candle in sight, away from pets and children.

  2. Always keep away from drafts and never burn near anything that could catch fire.

  3. Wicks should be trimmed to 5mm before lighting. This avoids black soot and uneven burning.

  4. When you first burn the candle ensure you allow the first layer of wax to melt. This ensures the candle burns evenly and lasts the longest.

Wax Melt Safety

  1. Make sure you remove all packaging before placing the melt into the burning well.

  2. As with candles- keep out of sight of children, pets and away from draughts.

  3. Never leave the melt burning unattended.

  4. Always store melts in a cool/dry area away from sunlight and any sources of heat.

Useful Tip For Melts:

We all can agree that it can be a nightmare to remove wax from a burner if its not got a coating to easily dislodge. We recommend buying silicone muffin cases online as these are heat resistant and once your melt has lost its scent you can easily peel the melt out and dispose of it.